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The Geographic Market is Indonesia.

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Datavideo Technologies was founded in 1985, Datavideo is a Taiwan based manufacturer specializing in developing, production and distribution of video editing, capture, storage, and post-production equipment for broadcast and professional.


CARTONI SpA designs, manufactures high-end Professional Camera Supports for the Motion Picture and Television industries.


SWIT is located in Nanjing, SWIT has a wide variety of products, from TFT color LCD monitor, battery, charger, adapter, camera light, etc. SWIT has more than 100 products to offer together with about 20 patents rights.


Apantac is a leading designer and developer of high quality, cost effective image signal processing equipment. It has been specifically designed to provide users with a flexible and innovative technology solution for image processing, and signal extension and processing.


Mirror Image Teleprompters have created the most cost effective, quality based teleprompter and speechprompter on the market. Mirror Image offers the widest range of products in the industry with units to fit every budget.


For the past 30 years, Egripment Support System is a manufacturer of camera support equipment, including remote control heads, camera cranes, mobile platforms, dollies, levelers, straight and curved steel track, etc.


Bon Electronics is concentrating on developing and manufacturing multi-format broadcast monitors, total broadcasting system, wireless system and other media products.


Raduga is the music automation software for radio stations, clubs and shops. You create playlists simply by dragging audio files from the Windows Explorer into the Raduga window then you can rearrange the songs by dragging them with the mouse from one position to another. When you're finished with the playlist, turn on your radio equipment, press the play button and you are on air.

Stream Labs

Stream Labs was founded in 1991. It is a leading designer and manufacturer of computer systems for TV playout automation and broadcast design. Stream Labs offers high-quality complex solutions for TV studios, central and regional channels, cable and satellite TV.


Since 2002, Wise Advanced began to engage in the field of broadcasting image with a patented portable DV/HDV/HD Image Storage hard drive device, which is capable to be linked by 1394 to capture and store image directly to the hard disk.


Artel offers a full range of real-time multimedia broadcast studios.


Kramer is dedicated to develop creative, reliable and value oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions, and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support.


Matthew, the art of grip equipment evolved into a comprehensive range of tools serving the film industry.


Set up in 1998, Monon research and development concentrate in stage lighting. The range of products are spotlight, cyclorama lighting, flood light, profile lighting, tricolor fluorescent lamp, metal halogen lighting, LED, and so on.




ARRI Group is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture camera and lighting equipment. Throughout its 90-year history, ARRI has been associated with constant innovation and revolutionary technologies.


Dedolight was conceived by Director of Photography Dedo Weigert of Munich, Germany. Dedolight is powerful yet highly controllable light source, occupy a minimum amount of space and electricity and produce unprecedented light quality.

Kino Flo

Kino Flo has worked for over decades crafting unequaled soft lighting instruments for professional filmmakers. Kino Flo specializes in providing easily attainable soft light that is similar to sunshine reflections, or when a candle shines brightly through a paper lantern.







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